About Me

My love of photography began when I was nine years old and sold seeds to my neighbors so that I could buy my first camera – a Dick Tracy point and shoot. This was the beginning of a lifelong passion – one that includes capturing nature, land-and-sea-scapes, animals, images from my travels, and of course of my family. My time spent behind the lens gives me great appreciation for the beauty of the world around me. For years, I squeezed my passion into my “free time” after work or on weekends. I am now fortunate enough to turn my passion and avocation into a vocation I am passionate about.

Early in my career, I was an architectural draftsman for Royal Barry Wills, a work experience that provided me with a foundation and understanding of the importance of visual form and function. From there, I entered the real estate business and was successful in applying my early architectural experiences to a 37-year flourishing career. Recently, as electronic media has become more relevant to buyers, I realized it was critical to take outstanding pictures that excite potential buyers and motivate them to see my properties. This is the impetus for starting petermeophotography.com.

Over the years, I honed my photography skills through a variety of courses, including: workshops at The New England School of Photography in Boston, Maine Media Workshops of Photography, Montserrat School of Art, the DeCordova Museum, and classes at North Shore Community College. I have also had the opportunity to participate in a one-week workshop with Brian Vanden Brink, a world renown architectural photographer at the Maine Media Workshops College. These ongoing educational opportunities expand my understanding of the world of photography and strengthen my ability to service clients.

My goal as your photographer is to do more than simply “take pictures.” My real estate photographs will help sell your properties. The Internet is a vital part of home searches and it is essential that pictures of your property motivate internet browsers to take a closer look. My images do this; they are crisp, clear, engaging and will entice a buyer to call you.

Every photo tells a story; I look forward to telling your story.

peter meo